Of female body parts and cleansing and trash talk


So I skip out of Gawker and Defamer because I’m bent out of shape with the language: douchebag, pussy, whore.  I have news for all those academics who argue that “douchebag” is a perfectly acceptable word to call white people in exchange for all the ugly words white people call PoC.  It is not.  It is not outdated because girls don’t douche anymore, which makes it okay.  It is an appliance which women use for a variety of reasons well into the present moment, and even if women did not continue to use it, it is something which was once associated with women.  Turning it into a perjorative term for white person is still an insult to women.  It’s the same as calling a white man a “b***h.”  (Yes, I have issues for that and any other word that uses a term commonly associated with the female as a dire insult.)  Mr. Professor who went on at length to say, “Hey, `douchebag’ is a pretty keen insult, and since I declare it’s out of use by women it’s okay to use as an insult for white people, everyone can use it!” is full of cricket crap.

But then I come here, and a couple of posts down, in the Time magazine teenagers of the year post and there I see “c**t,” and “douchebaggery”  and “b***h”.

Does nobody care that these words used as insults are insults to women?  Does nobody care that they are used as insults because the people who started using them thought they were dirty because they were things of the female, and that plenty of people who still use them are aware they’re things of the female and that’s why they use them?  The rest of the people who use them are asleep at the wheel and need to wake up.  Do you want your little girls to grow up and believe their body parts are bad words (like you have)?  The same for your boys.  Do you want your children to believe one of the worst things you can say about someone is that the person is a female body part or a female dog?  If they learn to believe that, what does that tell them about females?  That maybe their bodies are nasty?  That maybe if female dogs are nasty so are female humans?

Don’t any of you get sick of hearing trash talk passing as daily discourse?